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May 29, 2017
Eating on bedding

The uncomfortable truth about how often you should wash your bedsheets.

    Produced by Grace Raver. Original reporting by Julia Calderone.  This post was originally published in Business Insider on Feb. 10, 2016, 11:2... READ MORE →


May 10, 2017

Syona Home showcases Organic Bedding at OTA event in NYC

Syona Home, along with 24 other amazing organic fiber brands joined a pop-up event in NYC during May 4-6 weekend. With a theme of "Live Organic from Far... READ MORE →


March 05, 2017
The ultimate guide to making better bed

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Better Bed

Ever spend a night at a hotel and wonder why your home bed doesn’t feel as heavenly comfortable? That’s probably because your worn-out linens and droop... READ MORE →


February 15, 2017
Recommended sleep time for children

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Every living creature needs sleep, but how much sleep a being needs can vary wildly. On any given day, koala bears may spend as little as two hours awa... READ MORE →


February 02, 2017
Happy school children of organic cotton farmers

Your Purchase Makes an Impact

Most of you are already aware that purchasing fair trade products can reduce poverty, encourage environmentally friendly production methods, and promot... READ MORE →


December 16, 2016
eco-conscious lifestyle by adopting organic cotton fairtrade bedding

Why Adopt an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle?

  The term “eco-conscious” has been slapped on so many things – from household cleaning products to clothing – that the phrase in danger of losing its m... READ MORE →


December 03, 2016

Top 5 Books On Sustainable Fashion

The average U.S. citizen buys 65 new pieces of clothing each year. Most of these items will be thrown away rather than repaired or altered, because fix... READ MORE →


November 18, 2016
guest bedroom

How to decorate your guest bedroom

The Well-Appointed Guest Bedroom“Not all who wander are lost.” -  J.R. TolkienFor many of us who love to travel, the road has, on occasion, offered us... READ MORE →


November 04, 2016
Natural Room Air Freshener

Natural Room Fresheners 

Air fresheners have become a staple in many American homes and offices, seemingly bringing cleaner, healthier, and sweeter-smelling air into our lives.... READ MORE →


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