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Our Roots


We grew up in India's cotton belt, where we saw farmers struggle because of wavering credit availability, and lack of marketplace opportunities. Even so, we didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem. Then in 2014, we had a wakeup call. Indian TV aired a documentary about the alarming number of farmer suicides. The program revealed that the increasing use of pesticides negatively affected the mental and physical health of farmers, how the rise in GMOs had forced many farmers into bankruptcy, and the way unsustainable farming practices were destroying the environment.

Important as it is to know about these issues, we wanted to do more than raise awareness. We launched Syona Home to generate systemic change in India’s farm community. Our goal is to foster sustainable growth for farmers through access to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. And every purchase you make helps.

Syona Home: Our story - Our background
Our story - Our farmers
Our cotton


To bring you the best online bedding your money can buy, this means providing the finest 100% organic cotton sheets and pillowcases. So we partnered with Chetna Organic, a farmers’ association that focuses on sustainability for its members. In addition to using natural seeds, natural fertilizers, and natural means of pest control, Chetna Organic taps into local resources and uses sustainable financing to achieve food security and seed sovereignty. With more than 35,000 farmers in its ranks and growing, their model minimizes the risk to farmers of variable credit markets and temperamental weather.

Our Production


Our business had to be sustainable and ethical down to the last detail, offering the highest degree of craftsmanship while meeting the Fair Trade regulations we required: no child labor, maximum working hours, overtime compensation, and safe environments. Our plant consistently meets and exceeds Fair Trade requirements, while producing some of the best bed linen we’ve seen.

Our Name


Syona (See-oh-na) comes from the Sanskrit root word "siv," meaning to sew. Over time the word has come to mean the gentle and relaxed feeling of basking in the warm rays of the sun. Our name is synonymous with the happiness of long, lazy summer days.

Our story - Our factory
Syona Home: Our story - Our name
Our Promise


To help you get the best sleep possible.

We got into this business to change lives, and every aspect of our work is a reflection of those values. Our ethically sourced, organic fair trade bedding combines timeless style with environmentally sustainable materials of the finest quality.

Within the soft embrace of our linens, you can rest secure in knowing you support excellence in fair trade.

Giving Back


Beyond supporting ethical business practices, 15% of the gross margin of our organic fair trade bedding goes directly to charity. On your behalf, we donate to:

CHARITY: WATER brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Every $1 invested in improved water supply and sanitation can yield from $4 to $12 for the local economy.

SMILE FOUNDATION helps educate young children and provides healthcare to women in rural communities across India. The organization benefits more than 300,000 children and their families every year.

our story - Giving back for social good

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